Call (833) 776-8291 to speak to a Protaxion tax consultant now or CLICK HERE. We will discuss the details of your tax problems and explain some possible options we can take to help. Try to have any notice that the IRS or State has sent you ready so we can discuss them with you and clarify any dates and deadlines.

No two taxes cases are the same and depending on how complex each case is varies the cost. Trying to save money or get the cheapest help is not necessarily the best choice when it comes to going up against the IRS. Most cases cost $2,500 to $10,000 with complicated and extensive tax resolution cases costing more. Please contact one of our tax consultants for an estimate on what you case may cost. Call (833) 776-8291 to get started now.

The first step for most clients is to get an understanding of your case. We will have you sign several IRS forms that will help us request information directly from them. This includes ordering a copy of your master tax file to determine how much the IRS estimates is owed for each year. Another form grants us permission to communicate directly with the IRS to that we can begin to work on your case with the IRS Revenue Agent or Officer. A Protaxion tax consultant will walk you through the process and help to guide you through the various forms and questionnaires.

Protaxion is an accounting and tax resolution firm. We are not a law firm and do not employ attorneys in our offices. Our specialty is negotiating and resolving tax problems with the IRS and State. Protaxion employs and contracts with accountants, Enrolled Agents, and other tax professionals all specializing in tax debt cases.

Tax debt negotiation and IRS collection mediation is a highly specialized area and requires years of experience and ongoing training. Most attorney’s and CPA’s have a good understanding of how to calculate what you owe and can determine how much, but negotiating with the IRS on your behalf is something that takes constant work and a precise type of training.

Businesses and individuals that have tax debt for which the IRS or state is in the collection process may qualify for tax relief. Some possibilities are suspension of IRS asset seizure, waiver of penalties on the initial tax liability, or a variety of mediation and negotiation processes. Call Protaxion now to discuss your particular options, (833) 776-8291

Protaxion can help clients who have unfiled tax returns to get caught up and in compliance. Simply avoiding filing your taxes will not make things go away. The IRS will file a “Substitute for Return,” or SFR, on your behalf which maximizes the IRS’s revenue and eliminates all taxpayer deductions. Call us today to start getting things back under control, (833) 776-8291.

Protaxion works diligently to get most IRS collections suspended very early in the process. Your Protaxion tax consultant will obtain a tax power of attorney so that they can begin confronting the IRS and negotiating on your behalf. The power of attorney you grant Protaxion also allows us to get notices mailed directly to us so that we can remain on top of your case without delay or bothering you constantly to forward copies to us so we can respond.

Protaxion is a full service accounting, tax, and negotiation firm that represents both businesses and individual taxpayers in filing tax returns, tax planning, IRS audit representation, wage garnishment removal, lien and levy releases, and IRS tax debt negotiation and resolution.

Let Protaxion be your guiding light when dealing with IRS